On Being a Moneymaker

All these years I’ve been living life

Like money isn’t real

Never making decisions based on it

But focusing more on how I feel


I’ve walked away from high paying gigs

To work in shipping and receiving

Just because I wanted to

No thought of what I was achieving


I’ve disappointed around the world

For not fulfilling my potential

All the while feeling quite at peace

With an air that’s presidential


I felt just like a rich man

Doing what I wanted to do

Never thinking that my bank account

Meant my riches were not true


I saw life as an adventure

A journey to be savored

All I needed was provided for

As if I lived a life of favor


Then someone brought to my attention

That I was not living life to plan

I should be a millionaire by now

Getting everything I can


But instead I’m still just bopping along

Doing what I do

Believing that everything is working out

In accordance with heaven’s view


But lately I’ve been wondering

What if I’ve been wrong

What if seeking Truth is a task for fools

And life was about Benjamins all along


Then that puts me way behind

I may never win the race

All my friends are miles ahead

While I was running in One Place


What if love of money isn’t evil

But love of God is the distraction?

What if I’ve been “bait and switched”

And missed my chance at satisfaction?


I could have been a moneymaker

The one calling all the shots

Instead of trying to know my soul

And purify my thoughts


I could have been stacking paper

Collecting fees and cashing checks

Instead of studying root causes

So that I can undo their ill effects


When I was busy seeking the Kingdom

Stuff was added to another

It might turn out I’m the prodigal

Being shamed by the other brother


What if YOLO* was the real deal

While I was thinking I’d live forever?

Which had me living fancy free

When I should have been under pressure?


When I was considering the lilies

And the birds of the air

I should have considered my 401k

Instead of casting all my cares


Well at least that’s what I’ve been wondering

For at least the past few years

When people were looking down on me

For not passing up my peers


They tell me that with a mind like mine

They would’ve managed so much more

But I said if their mind was just like mine

They wouldn’t be keeping score


The fact is that while I’m wondering

If my choices were mistakes

I do so from Eternity

Which is beyond both time and space


I can always be a moneymaker

In fact I’ve been one at other times

That’s why I know the value it really has

Comes not from what it buys


Money is a form of expression

For what you hold most dear

So what we have or do not have

Can’t make our riches clear


So the best measure of my worth

Is the measure of my love

And how much I can give of it

Is all I should be thinking of.


© Copyright 2015 Pedro S. Silva II


*You Only Live Once



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