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Back in 2003 when this book first began haunting me, I was doing poetry under the moniker, No-Man.  You can find out part of the story on the Who is No-Man? page. What you won’t find on that page is my thoughts about making contact with our pre-incarnate reality–the us that we are prior to emerging from the infinite and uncreated void of Genesis 1.  Sounds crazy right?  Well it is crazy.  It is downright foolishness that I am talking about–the foolishness that Paul speaks about the shames earthly wisdom.  I’m not going to get into it here, but hopefully it will come out in other points in the blog.  However, just to make it a little clearer so that you will stick around for the fun, I will equate it to having a child.  If you are a parent or ever considering being one, I think that you will be able to relate to the idea of knowing your child before they were ever born. Where does that thought take you?  Run with it and if you are adventurous, I invite you to ask yourself, “Who was I before I was born?”  This has nothing to do with reincarnation or incarnation of any kind.  It is about pure being.  That’s what No-Man or No-Woman symbolizes to me.  This book and blog are meant to get around the contingencies that distract us from relating to ourselves and others from that place of pure being.  Are you open to that?  Then stick around.

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