Imagine a world without Sin.
What kind of world would it be
If there was no such thing as wrong
And right was all that we could be?

There would be no one to judge us
No crimes we could commit
It would just be one big free for all
No forgive and no forget

The ones with all the resources
Could just keep on taking more
They could screw over future generations
And just forget about the poor

The ones who have the least
Could make a big deal about the scraps
And never work together
So they become each others’ traps

The ones who claim to love the world
Can live off self-congratulations
While seeking to stay in comfort
So that no one tests their patience

Politicians can flap their gums
Saying what we hoped they say
Then when they fail to live the dream
We all can look the other way

Pundits can make a million bucks
Just for talking out of their ass
Then party with the one percent
While claiming to be middle class

Religionists can live guilt free
Because this world is not their home
And those who don’t believe in God
Can create religions or their own

Poets can stand on the side lines
Judging what they see
Thinking while they speak in rhyme
“Please no one look at me.”

Hey, this is starting to sound familiar
Kind of sounds like the world we’re in
That makes it more convenient
Just to do away with Sin.

Everything is awesome
No one really needs correction
Who needs to think of right and wrong
When we have egos for protection?

I can tell myself almost anything
Then convince myself it’s true
And I don’t have to be responsible
If the enemy is you

This system is ingenious
It’s a win-win situation
We can make it a sin to say there’s Sin
Now that’s what I call Sinnovation

It’s the ultimate invention
And we all are benefitting
Even losers win in the game of Sin
It’s high stakes, but we’re all betting

Do you think it’s not that simple?
Well that’s just another lie
Just replace religious statements with fashion ones
And soon you will see why.

You see everything has a standard
A bunch of made up rules
And if you fall outside them
Certain tempers will get fueled

There’s a way to be from your town
Or be a fan of a local team
There’s even a way to be countercultural
All of you know just what I mean

You know because you’re in the priesthood
Of the standards that you uphold
Even if your standard is to have no standard
To you there’s a way that that unfolds

We want things to go the “right way”
Which is the way inside our heads
So when things just go the way they go
We think that they went wrong instead

Such is the way of made up standards
That we hate but seem to need
And that’s why we can’t be free from Sin
Without a true Standard to intercede

© Copyright 2015 Pedro S. Silva II

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