Stillness Speaks

Out of the stillness emerges the Voice that calls us each by our true name

And every name is Beloved

Mistaken identities are replaced

Forgotten callings are restored

The darkness that hinders light is broken through

And what is revealed makes all things new

Peace has always reigned

On the surface waves are crashing, but they are held up by still waters.

© Copyright 2018 Pedro S. Silva II

Sound and Silence

We come from Sound and Silence

Our Father and Our Mother

Birthing us eternally

No one separate from another

The peace and the passion

Part and parcel. One and same.

Called by many titles

But emerging from One Name.

We are Here. We are Now.

Just as we shall ever be.

There is nothing lost that ever was.

Ever present we shall be


© Copyright 2015 Pedro S. Silva II