The Call of the Coyotes

I hear your call on my morning walk
In my soul you sound like me
Expressing not entertaining
Giving voice to what makes you free

You are a child of Nature
Living here before we came
Domesticating wildness
While our own tongues we cannot tame

Whenever I hear you calling,
I wonder what you say
Is yelping in the darkness
The Way Coyotes pray?

Well if it is I’m part Coyote
I also call to the One Who Hears
I may not speak Coyote Language
But I’m blessed with Coyote ears.

©️ Copyright 2021 Pedro S. Silva II

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Nature and Beyond

Nature and Beyond

In every grain of sand, a world
Times three thousand more
There’s more to the natural world than eyes can see
Thus impossible to keep score

Can we count the raindrops
Or the hairs on a single head?
It’s overwhelming to imagine
So we distract ourselves instead

Have you noticed the ants at work
Or a family of deer playing?
Have you listened to the honks of geese
And wondered what they’re saying?

Most of us can’t say so
We have better things to do
When there are things to be bought and sold
Who has time for nature too?

But we are in a relationship
With everything that lives
We can’t seem to get that what we receive
Comes from that which nature gives

So when we take and take and take
Hoarding for fear of lack
We, at the same time, hurt ourselves
Putting knives in our own backs

Now only nature can save us
That’s what it’s trying to do
By revealing to us her secrets
Hoping we’ll get the clue

We know that she is infinitely vast
Yet somehow infinitely small
Jam packed full of paradox
Yet able to contain them all

She gives us room for freedom
As long as we trust her law
Love everything as we love ourselves
And we will be free from flaw

If you doubt, this ask the sparrow
Or the lilies of the field
Like everything else, they live by Nature’s Way
Will we join them in what’s real?

© Copyright 2013 Pedro S. Silva II

I really don’t get how so many of us live our lives as if we are so divorced from Nature.  It really trips me out.  And I’m not just talking about the whole global warming, pollution, and endangered species piece.  I see all of that as symptoms of the underlying disease. It goes deeper than that.  Now, I’m not going to say that I “get it”.  I don’t understand a lot about life. But one thing I do know is that I am a partaker of life.  I am not separate from any life and that which I give to life I receive from life.  We are One with all that is.  This much I know.  And I know that any contrary thought is born out of illusion.  While we try to subdue or defy nature, we do nothing more than subdue and defy our own consciousness of who we truly are as beings in relationship with everything that ever was, is, and will be.  All we have to do is pay attention.  But as it seems, we see paying attention as a threat.  When we distract ourselves from the mirror of call of Creation the consequence is never knowing who we really are.