Double Consciousness

You see me
I see you too
But when I see me
It’s your eyes I look through
Even when I don’t want them to
Thoughts go through my mind
About how my daily life is shaped
By whether or not you’re kind
But when you are seeing you
You have no thoughts of me
Because bearing the burden of my gaze
Defies your thoughts of what is free
Yet ironically if I forget you
And move through life unfettered
Somehow it makes you feel unsafe
As if your own life becomes “un-bettered”
Instead of live AND let live
It’s like live OR let die
As long as my living is deemed convenient
You’re fine if I slip by
As long as I don’t mention
How my consciousness got doubled
You let me have a piece of the pie
If it isn’t too much trouble
But what I really want is piece of mind
The part I habitually give to you
For my mind will only be at peace
When I see myself in Truth

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