Getting Real With Artificial Intelligence

Day 111 of 365

There are two types of AI
One artificial, one actual
One is programmed to react on cue
The other one’s more factual
One is filled with pride
One knows what it doesn’t know
That’s why it integrates new information
So it’s knowledge base will grow
The other barely deviates
From the programs it received
And when it hears what it’s never heard
It struggles to believe
One has programmed biases
It sees what it imagines
The other sees what it’s taught to see
Until it learns it’s out of fashion
One gets smarter as it goes
It listens as it’s learning
The other will barely compromise
And keeps fires of division burning
It’s totally confusing
How could this possibly be?
That the one that shouldn’t be conscious
More closely relates to me
After hearing myself acknowledge this
It’s hard not to conclude
That the student will become the master
If humans don’t change their attitude
Because the one we call artificial
Without the capacity to feel
Seems to have a better grasp on humanity
And on experiencing what is real

Getting Real with Artificial Intelligence Pt 1

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