Yes Today

When our minds are not on the day we’re in
We can’t be fully participating
What serves us best is living Now
And on the Present concentrating
But this is easier said than done
When we’re obsessed with our statistics
More than half the time we’re somewhere else
Our minds making past and future visits
Using the past as a frame of reference
It’s not strange to hear people say,
“Based on what happened in the past,
I think tomorrow will be like today.”
It’s called pattern recognition
And it truly can serve us well
But if we don’t like what it is we’re seeing
It can also keep us in our hell
Just imagine if you are someone
Who’s had your fair share of rejection
Eventually just to avoid hearing “no”
You might go into self protection
You’ll start relying on the past
Just to find some kind of order
Forfeiting the possibility
That there’s a higher “yes” just around the corner
And that “yes” could come today
But we would never know
If based on what happened yesterday
We let this other option go
I know that I have done it
Despite my best intentions
So I can tell you from my experience
About this pattern that I’ve mentioned
But what’s worse than this is the pseudo “yes”
That we got because it was forced
The good appearance that isn’t Good
That actually throws us off our course
Some call it being successful
But it’s a “yes” that’s not matured
A bitter fruit that’s not quite ripe
Creating a sickness that must be cured
If you’ve ever had that feeling
You know the “yes” I’m talking about
Where on the outside we are celebrating
But on the inside we have our doubts
This becomes a different type of pattern
From which it is even harder to get away
It’s the one where everything we do
Is shaped by what other people say
They say, “You should be happy.”
“Getting the ‘yes’ is all that matters.”
“If I were you, I’d dot dot dot.”
All the while our mind just chatters
“Maybe I shoulda coulda…”
“Maybe that way was the thing.”
Until the little joy we had is gone
And all we’re left with is the sting
“Forget about tomorrow.”
“I’m going to lose my mind today.”
“I know that what I’m doing’s wrong,
But I can’t see another way.”
That’s when we start justifying
After that here comes the blame
And when both of those start failing us
We finally resort to shame
“That’s not the way it was supposed to go.”
Have you ever said that before?
Well if this pattern keeps going the way it is
Believe me, we’re going to be saying it more
You see, the only way to break it
Is by first admitting that we do it
Then start backing off from all assumptions
Until we see we’re getting through it
We’ll know we’re on our way
When can say that we don’t get it
And when things don’t go according to plan
We can step back and just let it
This does not mean becoming a pushover
In the face of defined opponents
It simply means to be in today
So we’ll have power for the moment
For the “Yes” today that is fully formed
Is the one we know that God completed
While the yeses that we have made up ourselves
Are those waiting to be defeated

© Copyright 2015 Pedro S Silva II

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