Are you a REALegionnaire?

REAL – If I have to explain it, you ain’t it

Legionnaires -members of a great multitude (usurped for the purpose of this blog)

The REALegionnaire has no outer enemy.  They have come to the understanding that the only true enemy is within.  Then they take responsibility for that understanding.  This is accomplished through inner reflection rather than outer projection. The REALegionnaire does not try to change the world.  They align themselves with the Real in order to see the world as it Truly is–a perfect expression of infinite creativity.

The REALegionnaire, through the initiation of trials and tribulations, has come to accept that True Peace can never be found in a world out there somewhere.  They realize that True Peace is something they must bring to their World by becoming that Peace.  They have accepted the Call to be a Channel for that Peace as led by the Spirit of One that many of us refer to as God–Who Jesus called Abba.

The REALegionnaire is not ashamed of what the world calls weak. Through the realization that God’s strength is made perfect in human weakness, the REALegionnaire receives the Power to make their World stand still. They are a Bridge between extremes and a Light in the Darkness of their own lives, for that is the Path offered to them by their Creator.  The REALegionnaire is willing to see that there are Masters at Work to assist them in awakening to their Divine Nature because they are willing to see the Master within.

Are you a REALegionnaire?

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